About Us


    IFL is an accredited and independent flooring quality assurance and quality control company.


    IFL's multinational team have a combined 130 years of flooring experience, complimented by academic qualifications and technical expertise.


    IFL is based in Dalian, a key flooring manufacturing hub in north east China, with inspectors stationed along the entire east coast of China and Southeast Asia. Since 2001, IFL has focused on upholding flooring industry quality standards, improving manufacturing practices and delivering peace of mind to clients worldwide.


    IFL delivers prompt and efficient systems, impartial advice and flexible packages that accommodate all
    client's needs.

About Us

"Asia, in particular China, continue to dominate the global flooring manufacturing industry with well over a thousand factories serving both their domestic and export markets.

Factories routinely face production challenges that inevitably cause delays and quality problems. These challenges present a gap that can be bridged by a specialist team qualified to help both factories and their clients resolve and prevent problems at the factory during production and prior to shipment.

Since 2001, we have dedicated ourselves to such a task and continuously update and improve our systems to deliver effective quality assurance & quality control for our clients worldwide."

Farnam Sharifi | CEO