In partnership with EPH in Germany, IFL offers Asia based factories with advance physical and chemical testing, surveillance and certification, including CE marking.EPH (Entwicklungs-und Prueflabor Holztechnologie GmbH) is located in Dresden, Germany and a subsidiary company of the research institute IHD. EPH is an European Notified Body (No 0766) for textile, resilient, MMF and laminate floorings acc. to EN 14041, parquet and wood floorings acc. to EN 14342, sports floorings acc. to EN 14904 and notified for horizontal fire tests and for VOC emission tests acc. to EN 16516 for construction products. EPH is also a flexible accredited test laboratory acc. to EN ISO 17025 for nearly all ASTM, DIN, EN and ISO product standards for floorings (except for textile floorings).


TRUSST offers blockchain services including the tagging and onboarding of products onto decentralized blockchains. Items registered on the blockchain allow for greater tracking features, immutable information related to the products such as specifications, accountability, recording of health and safety test reports, recording of legal harvesting and manufacturing process and more. For more info visit