Auditing factories can be a sensitive and intrusive task however, our long-standing reputation allows us to do our work with the full support of the factories who see IFL’s involvement as a beneficial service for the factories themselves as well as the clients. IFL offers the following auditing services in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia:

GFA - General Factory Audit:

This is an in-depth audit of the factory operations, namely: Key machinery, general production protocols, general product quality, record keeping, management systems, internal tracking systems, production capacity, serviced markets, future plans and certifications. This audit also lightly reviews the factories social responsibility compliance and in the case of timber the chain of custody protocol. Auditors' CAPA comments (Corrective Action, Preventative Action points) regarding any specific observations made during the audit, shall be included in this report. 

CoCD - Chain of Custody Documents: 

Similar to EUTR compliance scheme in the EU, this audit focuses on CoC’s documents for specific product/s that have already been produced. IFL will review the CoC documents presented by the factory and assist in compiling a comprehensive submission. Upon client’s request, IFL lab can perform a “Determination of Species’ Origin” test on corresponding Oak samples to verify factory documents. This is not a certification program and is suggested to be regarded as part of the importers' due diligence process. Additional TRUSST Blockchain Services are available that help record and communicate CoC compliance.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility:

This Audit performs a formal review of a company's social responsibility endeavours, procedures and code of conduct and their impact on society and the environment. The on-site audit consists of management interviews, employee interviews, site observations, facility walk-throughs and document reviews relating to human rights, child labour, human trafficking, working hours, health and safety. The report will show an assessment of how well the company is achieving its goals or benchmarks for operating a socially responsible business.  The Auditee is required to submit their own CSR plan and self-assessment score before our visit. This is not a certification program and is suggested to be regarded as part of the importers' due diligence process.


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